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Stubborn Fats

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Stubborn Fats

Stubborn fats, also known as subcutaneous fats, are usually the fats sitting just under our skin that you can pinch. This type of fat is different from visceral fat attached to internal organs like your liver and pancreas. 

Stubborn fat can be incredibly frustrating and difficult to get rid of despite eating healthily and exercising regularly.

It is commonly said that to get rid of fats, you need to watch your diet and exercise. However, in certain cases, even physical activity does not help to get rid of stubborn fats. There are a few reasons why:

  1. Women have a larger fat percentage than men.
  2. Age
  3. Hormones/ Hormonal changes
  4. Pregnancy 

Women usually have stubborn fats around the butt, hips, and thighs while for men, it’s the love handles. The stubborn fat found on your hips, abdomen, and buttocks can result from the drop in estrogen during perimenopause and menopause.

There is a natural decrease of testosterone with age for men, which means excess calories are often stored as visceral fat, and thus the accumulation of abdominal fat occurs. To lose belly, fat can be difficult in these circumstances as they will not just disappear despite your exercise routine.

With age, the metabolic rate drops. This means the rate at which your fat cells burn fat reduces. This means they store more fat and do not help fat loss. To make sure your metabolism is not affected with weight, you can try strength training and weight training to build muscle. When there is muscle growth, your muscle mass maintains, which helps lose weight and keeps your metabolism rate at a good pace. 

The increase in stress levels and the cortisol connection that goes with this added stress have been attributed to belly fat. It is important to get enough rest and have a good diet to reduce your stress. 

However, even inculcating these habits in your life may not be enough to aid you in weight loss and getting rid of stubborn fats in certain areas of the body. If you have been thinking of getting rid of your unwanted fats without going for invasive surgery, look no further. Nuffield Therapeutics offers Fat Reduction and Fat Freezing Treatments.

However, it must be noted that even with our body contouring treatments, a healthy diet is important to maintain the body. Read more about our Fat Reduction and Fat Freezing Treatment.