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Diastasis Recti Treatment

Diastasis Recti of the abdominal muscles can occur during pregnancy as a woman’s abdomen grows. This is where there is an increase in distance between the two rows of abdominal muscles or the “six pac” as it’s commonly known. As the child grows within the belly, the connective tissues and ligaments in the abdominal wall is stretched, causing this issue.


Diastasis Recti Treatment

Diastasis recti, a very common condition that occurs in pregnant women or postpartum women during or following pregnancy—where the abdominal muscles separate as the foetus grows. This treatment uses electromagnetic energy to trigger involuntary contractions, firming the ab muscles in this area, and improving the condition of having a protruding belly, a possible source of distress for many women post-pregnancy.

Rectus abdominis muscles, the abdominal muscles, are two parallel muscles running vertically down the human abdomen and are separated by a connective tissue called thelinea alba. 

During pregnancy, as thefoetus develops, the pregnant woman’s uterus grows to accommodate the growing baby. This causes the abdominal wall to stretch and for the distance between the two rows of muscles to separate, and to increase in distance—up to 1-2 finger widths. 

To treat diastasis recti abdominis, we use our trusted Inmode Evolve Tone which uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscles and trigger involuntary contractions. Unlike a tummy tuck, an invasive surgical procedure, this treatment is non-invasive, allowing for a shorter recovery time and minimal downtime. Read more about our technology here.