Does fat freezing work? Discover more about this alternative to Liposuction

What is fat freezing?

Fat freezing is a body slimming treatment wherein fat cells are frozen to death. It is now a popular alternative to surgical procedures like liposuction, which helps with body fat loss.


Why choose fat freezing?

While diet and exercise can promote a slim and healthy figure, it’s important to note that weight loss only reduces our fat cells’ size. Thus, not all fats can be eliminated by weight loss associated with healthy eating and exercise. 

The focus of fat freezing is on the no. of inches lost and body contouring, which may not be linked to weight changes. Fat freezing is a permanent removal method for fat cells, which are programmed to die through apoptosis (caused due to drastic temperature changes). This treatment targets specific problem areas on the body by contouring them.

Fat freezing uses freezing temperatures for breaking down unwanted fat cells via cryolipolysis, which causes fat cells’ death because of the cold temperatures and are thus removed by the body naturally.   

A few of the targeted areas for fat freezing are the back, love handles, abdominal fat, and double chin. 

A significant advantage of the fat freezing treatment is that it has negligible side effects. This contrasts with surgical procedures for body contouring, which call for incisions to be made on your body and need a longer healing time.

Is fat freezing effective?

The outcome of fat freezing depends on what the particular individual seeks to achieve. Many people believe that fat freezing contributes to substantial weight loss, which is not necessarily true. While fat reduction does lead to a decrease in a person’s body weight, it doesn’t lead to extreme weight loss. 

The primary purpose of cryolipolysis is to reduce the fat layers in the body. Thus, treatment areas that appear fat will be visibly-diminished after the procedure. As opposed to what most people believe, fat freezing is not a treatment for conditions such as obesity. It targets stubborn fat that resists weight loss efforts.   

Clinical studies done on cryolipolysis have proven that subcutaneous fat is reduced by up to 25% after a single fat freezing session, and 86% of treated patients noted improvements. Thus, one can state that fat freezing is effective at reducing unwanted fat. However, lifestyle modifications are also required to see good results with this treatment. 


Are the results long-lasting?

The advantage of fat freezing is that the dead fat cells killed during cryolipolysis don’t regenerate themselves. This indicates that the areas treated for fat removal will not experience a revival of fat cells. However, this does not undermine the importance of a healthy lifestyle for people who undergo fat freezing. An unhealthy lifestyle can lead to new fat cells since cryolipolysis doesn’t hamper their growth.  


What fat freezing treatment does Nuffield Therapeutics provide?

At Nuffield Therapeutics, we use CoolTech. The CoolTech technology uses a permanent treatment to reduce fat cells in the body. This technology uses cryolipolysis, during which fat cells are frozen to death with a controlled cooling system. Upon exposure to rigorous cooling, a noticeable reduction in overall fat cells is achieved. 

This natural process of removing the fat cells is known as ‘Apoptosis’, in which the body’s natural metabolic process slowly removes the fat cells in the treated area. Adipocytes (fat cells) are more vulnerable to cold than other tissues like muscles, nerves, and skin. 


What about “fat heating” treatment?

Since cryolipolysis uses controlled cooling to break down stubborn fat, using fat heating treatment to lose weight can also work in a similar capacity. 


Does Nuffield Therapeutics provide any Body Contouring Treatment? 

Yes, we provide an effective body contouring treatment called Evolve. With its hands-free 3D technology, it works effectively on fat reduction, skin tightening, and muscle toning. It can be personalised for each individual with its three distinct treatments. 

This non-surgical body contouring system uses accurate radiofrequency energy, which targets your particular concerns and provides different enhancements. With hardly any downtime, these treatments can be completed over lunchtime, and many areas can be treated at the same time. 

Regardless of whether you opt for these treatments individually or together, you can be assured that these cosmetic enhancements are completely safe, and provide visible results. Additionally, Evolve is a dynamic treatment platform with numerous benefits for the entire body.  


EVOLVE – TRIM, TITE, TONE (Fat Reduction)

This is a breakthrough third-generation non-invasive fat reduction technology that treats the abdomen, flanks, buttocks, and thighs. Reviewed articles and published human studies have proven that it permanently kills adipose tissue and contracts skin simultaneously. 


TITE (Skin Tightening)

This technology uses RF energy for remodelling and tightening skin to improve the overall appearance. It treats larger areas of the body quickly and effectively. There are eight hands-free applicators to deliver uniform and volumetric heating to the skin and the subdermal layer. Built-in thermal sensors monitor the skin’s surface temperature in real-time and allow the device to reach the ideal thermal profile – for exceptional results. 

Before & After

2 treatments later

3 treatments later

TONE (Muscle Toning) 

Electromagnetic energy or EMS stimulates muscle contractions by picking particular muscle groups to boost their strength and refine their look. This effect is amplified by combining TRIM and TITE. Besides, it can also treat multiple areas of the body in a single session. 

Why Choose Nuffield Therapeutics? 

At Nuffield, we provide both fat freezing and fat heating services that target stubborn fat cells. We also have body contouring services, which treat different body problem areas to deliver the desired results for different parts of the body. Our FDA-approved, aesthetic treatments are personalised to meet each patient’s needs and help them attain their beauty goals.Learn more about our customisable solutions for fat freezing treatments in Singapore by visiting our slimming treatment page today.